Aircon Airfan
FamilyRoom (2 beds) (with TV) (no TV)
12 Hours P750 -
24 Hours P1,300 -
Overtime P60/Hr -
Single Room
12 Hours P500 P350
24 Hours P800 P600
Overtime P40/hr P30/hr
Extra Bed P150/Bed
Short time
(w/ TV)(no TV)
Short time (4 Hrs)P350P250
lodging is available (hover on link).
FREE swimming for 12 & 24 hrs lodging with AC
Day Night
4 Hours (minimum) P2,000 P2,500
Overtime P450/hr P500/hr
Day Rate (8 hrs and above) P3,000
Videoke Rental (5 hrs) P500 or P100/hr
Chairs are available FREE of charge.
Beverages for your event can be provided by the
resort for reasonable price.
Party supplies, toiletries are available at
the gift shop.
Table covers (different colors) are also available
for rent.
Day Night
14 Yrs Old And Above P100 P120
8 to 13 Yrs Old P80 P100
7 And Below P60 P80
Includes entrance to covered Picnic Area with
tables and benches.
FREE swimming for 12 and 24 hrs lodging
with AC.
Please see Swimming rates.
Package 1

Package 1 includes:

Multi-Purpose Hall (Day Rate)

Swimming (pools are shared w/ other customers)

Videoke Machine (5 hrs)

(hall, swimming, videoke)
Package 2

Package 2 includes:

Lodging, swimming, hall, videoke machine

(24 hrs except videoke)

6 Single Rooms (aircon w/ TV)

2 Family Rooms (aircon w/ TV)

2 Single Rooms (airfan w/ no TV)

Multi-Purpose Hall (Day Rate)

Swimming (exclusive use)

Videoke Machine (can be used anytime til 10 PM)

(lodging, hall, swimming,
Hover on the packages for the complete details.
Packages must be reserved in advance.

Night Rates start at 5 P.M.
Swimming, karaoke, and use of the microphone end at 10 P.M.
There is a 25% non-refundable down payment for the multi-purpose hall and the packages.
If an event is being catered, there is a 500 pesos catering fee for the use of electricity, water, and cleaning.
If you need more room for your events, the picnic area can be rented as an addition to the hall for P1,200.

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