FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can post in the blog?
Basically the blog administrator and all Tagudinians but anyone is welcome to post as long as the post is relevant to the Tagudinians community.

How can I post?
Please go to the menu at the top of the page and click Post.

How can I post photos and videos?
Please click Post. The instructions are below the forms where you would normally submit your post.

Why is my post not being submitted when I click the submit button?
Maybe you forgot to type the answer to the anti-spam question.

Why is my post not being displayed at the main page after I submitted a post?
That is because all messages have to be approved first before they get posted. Messages might not be posted immediately since the administrator does not attend to the blog 24/7.

How do I comment to a post or to another comment?
Just click Reply at top right hand side of the post or comment. Please make sure to type your name and your e-mail so your comment would get submitted.


For any concern regarding the blog, please contact the blog administrator.
Please understand that you might not receive a reply immediately from the administrator.

L. Valdez
The Community Forum Administrator