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    Message From The Blog Administrator 

    Hello to all the followers and visitors of this blog,

    Just in case you are wondering why there are no posts and updates lately, that is because I am taking a break from the blog. I don’t know when but I shall return sometime in the future so we can get this blog going again.

    I would like to thank you all for visiting the blog especially to all the Tagudinians out there and all the different batches from Tagudin High and Saint Augustine’s School that I’ve gotten to know through this blog.

    Thank you all and God bless and on that note I will leave you with a music playlist consistent to the type of music that I have been playing for you in this blog through the years. Enjoy the music of Sir Cliff Richard.

    Take care.

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      And I thought there was something the matter. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE;and you too especially Larry.

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        Thank you manong Romeo. Happy Holidays to you too and to all our kababayans out there.

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    Ramrambak in Honolulu 

    Here is something you might want to see in Honolulu regarding Ilocano culture for all the Ilocanos out there living or vacationing in the Aloha state.
    Source of the News Article: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Ramrambak in Honolulu to celebrate Amianan culture, events
    INQUIRER.net US Bureau / 08:15 PM September 18, 2017

    HONOLULU — A cultural showcase featuring songs, dances and snippets of dramatic performances will highlight Ramrambak 5, a FilCom Sunday event that has become a tradition in Waipahu.

    Ramrambak is an Ilokano term that translates to “celebrations.” The two-hour cultural celebration to be held at the FilCom Center Ballroom will begin at 2 p.m. on September 24 at the Filipino Community Center.

    Donnie Juan, executive director of the Filipino Community Center, and Dr. Gina Jamoralin, consul general of the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu, will open the celebration.

    First organized in 2012 when Rose Cruz Churma was president and CEO of the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu, the September event is on its fifty year.

    For one Sunday afternoon, community members from various parts of the island come and watch the performances of dance troupes, high school students, college students, professional performance groups and civic organizations

    The cultural showcase has been organized by Aurelio S. Agcaoili, program coordinator for Ilokano at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with Prof. Dean Domingo, instructor of the UH Manoa Ilokano Program, serving a coordination manager.

    Arceli Acosta, director of programs of the FilCom Center, has provided logistical and administrative supportive and organized the selling of bentos and native food in a fiesta-like atmosphere.

    First conceived as a cultural celebration of Amianan cultures including those of the Ilocanos, the Cordillera people and the other ethnolinguistic groups in Northern Philippines, Ramrambak will feature performances by high school students taking up Ilokano at Farrington High School in Kalihi, students taking up Ilokano at Waipahu High School, students taking up a college-credit course in Ilokano at the University of Hawaii at West Oahu, college students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, student members or officers of Timpuyog Ilokano Student Organization of the UH Manoa Ilokano Program, terpsichoreans of Linglingay Dance Troupe, members and officers of Coro Filipino and individual performers like Eugene Tunac, also of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    Timpuyog Ilokano Student Association will also feature an exhibit of material culture of the Amianan people. The exhibit will include abel of all kinds, rare and old books, baskets, and other artifacts.

    Students of the UH Manoa Ilokano Program will be on standby to explain the context and uses of these artifacts. The program is open to the public.

    For more information on the event, please call Arceli Acosta at 808-680-0451.

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    General Diomedio Villanueva’s Case 

    Sandigan junks ‘defective’ $1-M graft case vs ex-PHLPost chief
    By: Vince F. Nonato – Reporter / @VinceNonatoINQPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 03:50 PM September 06, 2017


    The Sandiganbayan has tossed out the US$1-million graft case against former Postmaster-General Diomedio Villanueva of the Philippine Postal Corp. on the grounds that the Ombudsman filed a “defective” charge sheet.

    In a 13-page resolution dated Aug. 24, the court’s Seventh Division dismissed the case in connection with an anomalous refund to Philpost USA, a New York-based private corporation, in 2003.

    Prosecutors failed to specifically allege that Villanueva acted with “manifest partiality,” “evident bad faith,” or “gross inexcusable negligence,” which are essential elements for a case of violation of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

    “Basic is the rule that every element constituting the offense must be alleged in the information. An Information is fatally defective when an essential element of the crime has not been sufficiently alleged,” read the resolution.

    The ruling was penned by Associate Justice Zaldy V. Trespeses and concurred in by Associate Justices Ma. Theresa Dolores C. Gomez-Estoesta.

    Besides Villanueva, then-assistant postmaster-general Antonio Siapno and then-acting director Leonido Basilio were also cleared of charges of causing undue injury to the government and giving unwarranted benefits to a private party.

    The case arose from the Nov. 19, 2003 refund of $1,031,936.04 (equivalent to P53,043,834.52) to Philpost USA for terminal dues paid for mail matters sent to the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail. Prosecutors claimed Philpost USA was not entitled to the refund.

    The information only stated the offense was committed “in the performance of their official duties as such and committing the crime in relation to their office and taking advantage thereof, conspiring and confederating with one another, did then and there, willfully, unlawfully and feloniously, give unwarranted benefit to Philpost USA.”

    Prior to his stint as postmaster-general, Villanueva served as the Armed Forces of the Philippines chief-of-staff from 2001 to 2002 under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

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    Luna and San Juan, La Union 

    A Mural at a Restaurant in San Juan

    Quesadillas at a Mexican Restaurant in San Juan

    San Juan Beach, San Juan, La Union


    I’ve always wanted to see the much talked about “Bahay Na Bato” in Luna but never got a chance in the past so on my way to San Fernando to do some errands I decided to swing by Luna. Since I was going for some sightseeing that day, I thought I might as well also check out the beach town of San Juan.

    San Juan is the surfing capital of Northern Luzon as they say. Bauang was the original beach town in the San Fernando area but the town lost some of its lusters perhaps due to neglect and luck of development. More and more people are going to San Juan these days due to the bigger waves which are ideal for surfing particularly for beginners and for the better resorts that have sprouted like mushrooms along the highway and at the beach. In fact, tourists and surfers from as far as Manila and foreigners come to this place. Surfing in San Juan is seasonal. So, if you want to surf or learn how to surf, make sure you go during the surfing season. There are folks out there at the beach who can teach you how to surf. Surfing is best during the months of October through April. I did not see big waves in San Juan perhaps maybe because it was the rainy season when I was there. There are also good restaurants here. I was surprised to see a Mexican restaurant. It is not as authentic as the Mexican restaurants you would see in the states but if you want to try Mexican food while in the province, they have it here. It is located along the highway but I thought their servings were small though.

    From Tagudin, I veered off the National Highway at the plaza in Bangar and took the Bangar-Luna-Balaoan-Bacnotan Road going west then continued back on the National Highway at the junction at the Bacnotan town proper then to San Juan and San Fernando. I thought Luna is a charming town. While driving along the highway, I saw forested areas and beaches (mostly rocks and pebble beach types). The rocks and pebbles are actually few of the biggest sources of livelihoods for the people in Luna. Luna is definitely where you can find the most beautiful rocks and pebbles for your projects. There are also big and beautiful houses dotted along the highway and the beach, and I am sure a lot of these houses are owned by rich “balikbayans”. I felt like I was driving along the highway going by Diamond Head in Hawaii. Luna is also known for the church locally called Our Lady of Namacpacan Church or Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church. This church is famous because it is where the statue of the Blessed Virgin that is supposedly miraculous is housed. It is visited by many devotees throughout the year. My late mother and I used to attend Sunday services here at certain times when she was still alive, and since I was in the area I took the opportunity to stop by. There are also beach resorts in Luna that I saw but I had noticed that the resorts were not busy or almost empty. Perhaps the resorts get busy at certain days and on weekends or perhaps because of the town not being along the national highway? It is sort of isolated from the other towns. I am sure that these places get busy during the summer months though. One resort that caught my attention is the Noble’s Tower Resort in Barangay Darigayos. The resort is located in the few patches of sandy beaches by the estuary in Luna. We briefly stopped by at this place just to check it out. In the middle of the resort, there is a very tall tower and at the foot of the tower is big pond where the owner raises bangus or milkfish. On one side of the resort is a good-sized swimming pool. The architecture of the building is very interesting. The walls are made out of dried corals and rocks. They charge 10 pesos to tour the place. This is probably where the owner of the “Bahay Na Bato” got the idea for his place.

    “Bahay Na Bato” was the main reason I went for this trip aside from the errands that I had to do in San Fernando but unfortunately, when I got there, there was a big sign that says temporarily closed. We asked what is going on to a guy at the parking area and he said the owner shut it down because of a rift between the owner and the officials of the town. I have a feeling it has something to do with money. Perhaps the local government wants income sharing with the owner? Who knows. This place has become very popular in the last few years that it was even featured in many major publications in prints and online. Due to the publicity and its interesting display of rocks that is adorned for the house, it attracted many tourists from everywhere. Too bad this place had to be shut down. This could have been a big source of income for the town of Luna. I do hope that they will resolve whatever problem the owner and the town’s administration have with each other for I think people will continue to come here and this will be good for the town of Luna and for all the people including the owner and the local government. “Bahay Na Bato” is located in Barangay Nalvo Norte between Barangay Darigayos and the town proper. It is on the beach not far from the highway. By the way,Luna also has a leaning Watch Tower which is also being visited by tourists. I have not seen it. I am saving this place for my next visit to Luna.

    Like the National Highway where it is being improved by the DPWH, there are constructions going on at the Bangar-Luna-Balaoan-Bacnotan Road on some segments of the highway so be aware of that in case you plan on taking this route. The area where the big cement plants are in Bacnotan now have a much improved highway. There were a lot of pot holes a few years ago when I drove through this area. Pot holes are common in this part of the highway due to the heavy load from the trucks that ply this area on a daily basis.

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    Running through Sawat Boulevard 

    Barangay Sawat, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur


    There are a lot of places in Tagudin where you can go for a run or walk. For easy short run, I go to Sawat because it is not far from our house in Barangay Quirino. Starting from our house, I go through Jardin then cross the controversial bridge made out of sewer pipes and then to the main road in Sawat I call Sawat Boulevard. The distance from Barangay Sawat entrance to the beach is around 2 miles. The whole stretch is paved but some areas have potholes. Watch out for those holes so you won’t trip. The portion closer to the beach is much better. It’s newly paved and it is well constructed . At the end of the road at the beach, there is a dike where you can do your stretching. The road is generally okay but like in any other neighborhood in Tagudin, just beware of dogs. I usually carry a stick with me just in case I get attacked by a bunch of dogs. One lone dog is actually just as aggressive and mean. Most dogs in Tagudin are not on leash and they roam around the streets. There are two rivers in the area that are not very far from the end of the road. Bugnay river is on the right and the Pacac River on the left. These estuaries where the rivers meet the sea with their lush backgrounds are very beautiful and peaceful.

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    Pistahan in San Francisco 

    SF’s Pistahan Parade & Festival to mark 24 Years
    INQUIRER.NET U.S. Bureau / 11:58 PM August 01, 2017

    SAN FRANCISCO– Pistahan Parade and Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens in this city, on its 24th year, is expecting the attendance of tens of thousands of people throughout the weekend of August 12 and 13, drawn by entertainment and inspired by pride across the generations of Filipinos in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    This year’s Pistahan 2017 theme is Pride and Progress in SOMA Pilipinas. It is one of the key events in the year-old officially designated Filipino heritage district.

    A key component of the festival is the Pistahan Parade, taking place on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Opening is at 10:00 a.m. with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the San Francisco Civic Center.

    The parade will proceed along Market Street towards 4th Street. Ever-growing through the years, the parade has now become one of San Francisco’s traditions, with the sound of music from marching bands and visual feasts from diverse Filipino dances to the many colorful and fun floats.

    Among those featured at the parade will be an authentic jeepney from Washington state, a brigade of Star Wars storm troopers and a Human Philippine Flag contingent consisting of Filipino American college students representing the next generation of cultural torchbearers and community leaders.

    For the rest of the article: Pistahan

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    President Rodrigo Duterte's SONA 2017 

    Never mind the profanities, I think it was a good SONA. It was a long speech – the longest SONA in history for a Philippine president . He was serious and showed his toughness but he also injected humor into the speech. He went off script many times in the long speech. It was a long speech but it was not boring.

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    Philippine Indie films in San Francisco 

    If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and if you would like to see Philippine indie films, Yerba Buena Gardens Center for the Arts in San Francisco is showing a few films from the Philippines through the annual New Filipino Cinema. New Filipino Cinema 2017 runs August 17 through September 3, 2017. For tickets visit: https://ybca.org/whats-on/new-filipino-cinema-2017 .

    Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

    SF’s New Filipino Cinema ’17 films mirror current PH realities
    INQUIRER.net US Bureau / 11:38 PM July 14, 2017

    “Mercury Is Mine” By Jason Paul Laxamana.

    SAN FRANCISCO –Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in August presents the sixth annual showcase of independent films from the Philippines with New Filipino Cinema 2017, co-curated by YBCA film/video curator Joel Shepard and Philbert Dy, a professional film critic based in the Philippines who has written for some of the country’s top newspapers and magazines.

    New Filipino Cinema 2017 provides a snapshot of a huge range of artistic achievement. The series features a broad spectrum of topics, including transforming Filipina domestic workers into beauty queens with Sunday Beauty Queen, an eight-hour historical fantasy mourning the current state and a defiant cry of hope for the future in Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis (A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery), and a special in-person presentation about the war on drugs with photojournalist Raffy Lerma.

    In the past year, “macho” president Rodrigo Duterte has been working to consolidate power, and reports of flagrant human rights abuses and strict social controls have skyrocketed. “Given this overwhelming reality, this sixth edition of New Filipino Cinema puts a special focus on films with social, historical, political, and human rights themes,” says co-curator Joel Shepard.

    “This was not a simple task, as there are no Filipino full-length films that deal directly with the extrajudicial killings going on now. However, many of the films this year directly or indirectly explore the social and political circumstances that led to the current state of affairs.”

    Co-curator Philbert Dy elaborates: “It can be difficult to talk about Filipino cinema nowadays. Faced with the very real horrors brought about by the current administration, it can seem irresponsible to get caught up in the comparatively abstract concerns of the state of our cinema. But our cinema has always proven to be fertile ground for dissent.”

    Dy says further: “In the time of martial law, the likes of Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal sowed their outrage into their melodramas. Their stories of love and loss found potent context in the looming tyrannies of the Marcos era. And as the indelible specter of dictatorship continues to cast a shadow on the nation, filmmakers continue to tell stories that bring to light, in ways both overt and subtle, the injustices that Filipinos face every day.”

    New Filipino Cinema 2017 runs August 17 through September 3, 2017, with a free opening reception on August 17 at 6:30pm in the Youth Arts Lounge at YBCA. All films are shown digitally, in their original languages with English subtitles.


    By Baby Ruth Villarama

    Thursday, August 17, 7:30pm & Sunday, August 27, 2pm Cost: Regular: $10 / Student, Senior,Teacher: $9 / YBCA Member: $8 / All Access: Free Director and producer in person! Join us at 6:30pm for a free reception in the Youth Arts Lounge on the second floor. Beneath Hong Kong’s glittering facade, nearly two hundred thousand Filipinas are domestic workers living in relative anonymity. Living with their employers, they work 24 hours a day, six days a week, with only Sunday off. In a beauty pageant like no other, five women give themselves makeovers for a day and gleefully reclaim their dignity. The film documents the lives of these hardworking Filipinas as they escape once a week from their foreign employers, and take a break from a life far away from home. (2016, 94 min). For tickets and ticket packages, visit: https://ybca.org/whats-on/sunday-beauty-queen

    To see the complete list of the films being shown for the New Filipino Cinema 2017 in San Francisco and for the rest of the article, please go The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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    San Fernando City Baywalk, Poro Point, La Union 

    San Fernando Baywalk

    I went driving around Poro Point and I stumble on this place called Baywalk in San Fernando City. It is in the same area where the Thunderbird Resort and Casinos is located. I think this area has a lot of potential to become a major tourist attraction. Just like the entire Poro Point, they need to develop it more so people would go here in my opinion. My first impression about this place was it felt like it is off limit to the public because of the security guards that you see all over Poro Point and not to mention the check point that you pass through upon entering Poro Point. I hope that they will maintain the place though so people can have a place to spend their recreational time. It is not only the people of San Fernando City who would benefit if this place gets developed and improved but also the people from the other towns near and around San Fernando including the town of Tagudin.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq.,CPA on July 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is very attractive but from your pictures, I have not seen some homo sapiens enjoying nature’s at its best. There must be a strict filtering in admission, and it is good that you were allowed in to show this “paradise”. I hope the “Ortegas” would be more accommodating and loosen up in the entrance of the public. They could discipline and instill cleanliness by admonishing the public on littering, public disorder, and drunkenness through posted signs of fines and penalties by wayward revelers. Thanks for showing us. I rather go closer to my hometown instead of going Boracay or PPUR. Vigan, ascent to Mt. Province-Baguio via Tagudin-Bitalag, beaches of Pagudpud are closer that could be visited that are as good as those I mentioned earlier.

      • lv on July 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Sayang ngarud atty. daytoy a lugar ta awan met nakitak nga agpapagna. Siguro napudot. Ammo tayo met nga allergic dagiti pinoy iti pudot. Saan da kayat iti ngumisit. Mabalin nga adda met siguro agjojogging dita iti bigat. Maybe what they need there are restaurants, coffee shops, and even street vendors just to attract people.

    • lv on July 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I think in general, San Fernando could be a much better place especially in the area of commerce and tourism if there is a good infrastructure such as rail, highways and airports leading to San Fernando. There is actually an airport at Poro Point but it is not being utilized. I am not sure what happened to the plan of making the airport an international airport? There is a new expressway (TPLEX or Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway) going to Ilocos but it ends in Rosario. Why not at least have it extended to San Fernando or Bacnotan since Rosario is not that far away. The train which used to run from Tutuban in Manila to San Fernando has been out of commission for the longest time or for good. I think it would be great if it is revived. People would take the train for sure if that happens. Everybody misses it. I was lucky that I was able to ride the San Fernando-Manila train a few times when was a little kid travelling with my parents to Manila before it ceased operation. It was convenient, fun, and there was definitely more leg room in the train than in the buses we used to take. There is a plan by the Duterte Administration to revive the train system in Northern Luzon. However, it does not go all the way to La Union. It will end in Clark. The system will be a part of a commuter rail being planned for Manila and its suburbs which will end in Clark, Pampanga in the north and Los Banos, Laguna in the south. The southern section is actually being extended all the way to Sorsogon in Bicol. This line was part of the old PNR system that used to go between San Fernando, La Union and Bicol. The folks in Southern Luzon are lucky that they will have their train back soon. Construction of the line is due to start soon. This is not fair. What about the San Fernando, La Union line? Paging the congressmen, governors, and mayors of Region 1 particularly the provinces of Pangasinan, La Union, and Ilocos Sur. Please do something. We do need all these infrastructures in order that investors will come and also so we can uplift the lives of the people in our region (Region 1 – Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte). We are being left behind by the other regions particularly the other regions in Central and Southern Luzon. Thank you apo.

      • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq.,CPA on July 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I wholeheartedly agree with your views and observations.The late Pres. Marcos had embarked on road, bridges, and infrastructures building all over the country, and we Ilocanos greatly benefited as everybody else. But unfortunately, Apo Marcos forgot about restoring the railroad to its old grandeur particularly, as you said, the Tutuban to SFDO, LU line. I too, experienced riding the train. It was a very exciting experience every time I get into it. Because, we are from Tagudin, we always had a bus waiting, the ever reliable BAL (Benguet Auto Lines). Unlike riding the bus (Zambrano, Binalonan, Pantranco, and Sta Lucia, to name a few), saan mo mga masapul ti agbalon ti liningta nga icklog for lunch. On the train, all kinds of vendors are always selling their wares, and when approaching Pampanga, Bulacan, there are vendors selling and yelling ‘TUBIG, TUBIG”. And remember what the american replied who happens to be doing his thing?

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    Empanada and Mami in Candon City 

    Candon Eateries

    Mami and Empanada

    If you ever in Candon City and looking for a place to eat, there is a place at the plaza area a few meters from the national highway. At Jollibee, go east and the next block would be rows of eateries with open-air seating. Most of the eateries serve empanadas, mami and other snacks. I go here to eat because sometimes I get tired eating at the fast-food restaurants in the area such as Jollibee, Chowking, McDonalds and Greenwich Pizza. There are also always long lines in those restaurants. Vigan is the place to go for empanadas but at least, they also have it in Candon. There is no need for you to go to Vigan if you are craving or would like to try Ilocos empanadas.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq.,CPA on June 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This reminds me of my primary and elementary days when they were peddling empanada on the streets of Tagudin. Ilalaaw da diak lacoda nga empanada. “EMPANADA, EMPANADA APO”. And they are freshly done because they are still hot.. “Agayamoom ti banglo da”. I thought those empanadas were the best tasting that I ever came across. But then, everything would taste good to a hungry child whose palate was tickled by the aroma of the food. Besides, I love “balatong”, one of the ingredients of empanada.

      • lv on June 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Balatong (mung beans) sounds like a good ingredient for an empanada. I am not sure if they still make empanadas with balatong. It would be nice if they would bring back some of the original ingredients they used to put in the Ilocos empanadas. The crust of Ilocos empanadas is made out of rice flour but I guess the folks in Ilocos could either use wheat or rice but in order to make it different from the other empanadas they use rice flour.

    • lv on July 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How To Make Ilocos Empanada
      The dough is made out of rice flour. There are many variations on the ingredients for the filling but it would not be an Ilocos empanada if there is no longganisa in it.

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    Tikanlu Festival in Tagudin 

    Tikanlu (Tinubong Kankanen Lubi-lubi) Festival is one of the main events during Tagudin’s town fiesta. The reason why this yearly festival was created was to promote and preserve the tradition of making these native delicacies that are commonly made in this part of the country. It draws big crowd mainly because everyone can partake of the food prepared by the folks in Tagudin for the festival and there is a big involvement of the different communities in Tagudin. Kudos to the folks in Tagudin for creating this event. Keep it going. Perhaps someday it will even get bigger and more famous which would attract tourists to come to Tagudin.

    DOT lauds, cites potential of Tagudin’s Tikanlu Festival
    Published May 3, 2017, 10:01 PM
    By Zaldy Comanda

    Article courtesy of The Manila Bulletin

    ONE HUGE RICECAKE IN TIKANLU FESTIVAL — Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur Mayor Roque Verzosa Jr. , municipal agriculturist Jocelyn Lamadrid marvel at the giant rice cake made of tinungbo, kangkanen and coconuts, the main attraction of the town’s annual Tikanlu Festival. (Zaldy C. Comanda)

    Tagudin, Ilocos Sur — Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo on Tuesday lauded the municipal government headed by Mayor Roque Verzosa for staging the 10th Tikanlu (tinungbo, kangkanen and lubi-lubi), festival, which she said has the potential to be a major Philippine festival and tourist draw.

    She likened it to international historical, cultural and religious events which were made feasible with the unity and cooperation of the people from small towns like Tagudin.

    “I did not have second thoughts when I received an invitation to grace the Tikanlu festival,” she told Tagudin residents.

    “Tikanlu has a big potential to become a major festival. We just need to improve it and I give my commitment to help,” Teo said.

    Festival organizers and local folk prepared a giant glutinous rice cake measuring 10 meters in diameter to further spice up festivities.

    It was made using 15 50 – kilo sacks of glutinous rice produced by the farmers, 1,500 coconuts and 7.5 sacks of muscovado sugar.

    It was simultaneously cooked by 50 persons and is estimated to be good for 10,000 persons.

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    Comments Postings 

    There was a technical issue on comments posting so if you have posted a comment and it did not go through, please try again this time for the issue has been resolved.
    Thank you.
    Blog Administrator.

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    Father’s Day
    June 18, 2017 

    Happy Father’s Day
    especially to all our kababayans
    out there.

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    Saint Augustine’s School Alumni Association
    10th Year Anniversary
    Grand Reunion III 

    To all Tagudinians and Alumni of St. Augustine’s School and their families and friends,
    You are all invited to the SAS Grand Reunion III (10th Anniversary Edition) in Las Vegas which will be held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino on August 4, 5, and 6.
    See you all in Las Vegas.
    Thank you.

    Posted by the blog administrator for Jim Paredes- President of SASAA

    • lv on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you Manong Jim. This is a great location. It is close to the strip and parking here I believe is still free unlike the other hotel casinos on the strip where you now have to pay for parking. Get togethers like this one are always fun and we get to see our fellow kababayans. Have a great reunion. Enjoy.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq.,CPA on June 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Will there be additional details to be posted on this MB? Thank you.

      • lv on June 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I’ve mentioned to Manong Jim that this MB is more that happy to host postings regarding the reunion so I’m sure that the SASAA organization will give us more details regarding the reunion (contact persons, deadlines, etc.). in this MB and if not here, I am sure you would see more details on Facebook and in some other sites. Happy reunion everyone.

      • Paul Villanueva on July 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        What happen to the Hawaii reunion proposed by SASAI? At least the scenery is something new to all Tagudinians, Las Vegas manen makauma met ta isu metla nga isu ti makitam. Nasayaat coma no sugador ti tattao wenno week ti boxing ni Pacman.

        • lv on July 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          It probably cheaper to have it in Vegas and when it comes to logistics, Vegas is better than a lot of places.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq.,CPA on July 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Any additional info on this affair like events, programs, agenda, activities, reg. etc.? Thanks

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq. CPA on July 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Any additional information on this one like registration, attire, programs, agenda, and activities maybe? Thanks.

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    Good Friday in Tagudin 

    Just a few snapshots I took on Good Friday afternoon in Tagudin when I went for the “suknal”. There was a mass followed by a procession or “libot” that went through the town proper later in the afternoon. The town was getting ready for the town fiesta and as always there were already vendors at the town plaza but without the peryahan this year. The local government is no longer allowing any kind of gambling. It is much quitter this time at the plaza.

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    Expressway to Ilocos (TPLEX) Update 

    The Expressway System of Northern Luzon (NLEX, SCTEX, and TPLEX) is the fastest route going to Ilocos from Manila and vice versa and I am glad that the last segment of TPLEX will be completed soon. I still prefer to take the expressways because it is safer and faster. Also, I think the scenery you see while going through the expressways is much more beautiful than the scenery you see at the crowded National Highway. You would see marshlands, and endless rice and sugarcane fields particularly in Pampanga and Tarlac. It is worth paying the toll especially if you are vacationing in the Philippines and you don’t have much time.

    TPLEX completion to spur regional economic growth
    (The Philippine Star) | Updated April 4, 2017 – 12:00am

    MANILA, Philippines – The forthcoming completion of the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) is bound to boost domestic tourism and travel to Northern Luzon and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) to unprecedented levels, according to the Department of Tourism and its marketing arm, Tourism Promotions Board.

    Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo said TPLEX as an extension of the North Luzon Expressway could spawn the rise of eastward and westward road networks to make various destinations in the Ilocos region accessible while shortening the travel time to Baguio City and the rest of the CAR.

    Citing a report from the Department of Public Works and Highways, Teo said the recent opening of the exits in Pangasinan (Rosales, Urdaneta and Binalonan) from Tarlac City showed at least 20,000 vehicles benefitting daily from TPLEX.

    “That means the completion of the northernmost terminal in Rosario, La Union by yearend or early 2018 will open up to the access routes to Ilocos Norte and Sur, shorten the travel time to heritage sites and other attractions along the northern segment of our western coast and up the mountains of the Cordilleras, and increase visitor traffic for the entire north Philippines altogether,” Teo said, citing the Duterte administration’s vigorous infrastructure buildup to push national economic growth and expansion.

    Teo noted that the public-private partnership projects for infrastructure approved by President Duterte in his first three months amounted to P223.5 billion compared with the measly P43.4 billion in all of the first three years of the previous administration.

    Pointing out the massive infrastructure buildup nationwide, Teo said: “We can expect a similar uptrend in domestic tourism as travel now becomes a part of the Filipino lifestyle, especially among the millennials in the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry.”

    She said an emerging convergence could be observed in the country’s three dollar-generating industries – tourism, BPOs and exports.

    “The BPOs are becoming a catalyst of domestic tourism because of their digital access and critical mass, while our export enterprises at the communities are becoming travel attractions themselves,” Teo said

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    Happy Easter 

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    Kristine and Jerome’s Wedding 

    At Jerome and Kristine’s Wedding
    March 28, 2017


    Kristine and Jerome’s wedding was held on March 28 at the Tagudin Parish and had their reception at Seaside Park in Barangay Dardarat. Jerome is from the Decano Family while Kristine is from the Valbuena Family . Both the Decanos and Valbuenas are from Barangay Dardarat. Kristine and Jerome are both professionals and work as OFWs. They both came home to have their wedding in the Philippines.

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    Tagudin Farm For Sale 

    Attention Farm Lovers: a 22,329 sq. m. farm land is up for sale located in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. Inclusive with 1 residential house, 3 bunkhouses, 3 eqpt. houses, 1 stack house, 1 goat house, 1 fishpond, 65 full grown mangoes, 3,000 Mahogany trees, 8 Sagat trees, 11 Narra trees, and various fruit bearing trees.

    Any interested buyers who want to retire/live in Philippines or anyone out there who wants to own this farm property in in Tagudin should give their email address and phone numbers to the Administrator of this site – mails114-tagudinseasideadministrator@yahoo.com . The farm owner will contact you personally.

    Naimbag nga aldaw.

    Thank you.

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    Barangay Becquez Fiesta 2017 

    Becquez, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur
    March 18, 2017


    Becquez had a very successful fiesta this year. It was well attended. Present that night were balikbayans, the town’s officials and Mayor Verzosa, the officials of Becquez, some dignitaries and and of course the people of Becquez. It was held at the Becquez Auditorium which I think is even bigger than the town’s auditorium. Kudos to the people and the barangay officials of Becquez for building such a nice auditorium with cover.

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    A beautiful sunset in Sawat, Gosipeng and Jumping Salad

    When I was a little boy we go to Sawat and have picnics by the River or by the beach. Today, Sawat is still one of my favorite places in Tagudin for picnics especially during the summer months. With the advent of technology such as cell phones and internet and the sprouting of videoke joints all over the place, the place has not lost its charm. It remains rural and in most part unspoiled.

    Over the weekend I got invited by a group of workers from Sawat, Dardarat and Farola for their weekend get together and relaxation after working hard during the week. The guys prepared binurakan from the nearby river. We had the freshest jumping salad (shrimps), crabs, catfish, snails and others. Of course along with the binurakan, it would not be incomplete without the gin with calamansi which is abundant in Sawat. The event started at house in the morning then in the afternoon we transferred to a videoke place by the beach.

    Thumbs up to the jumping salad.

    Thanks guys.


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    SAS Batch of 1978 Get Together Baguio City… 

    A few members of SAS Batch 1978 gathered together during the “Panagbenga Festival”

    Baguio City
    February 24-25, 2017


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    Peso hits 50 to a dollar 

    This could be the best time to go to the Philippines for a vacation. Your dollar would go a long way with the current exchange rate. However, this might not last long as exchange rates fluctuate daily.

    Article Source: The Manila Times

    Peso hits P50:$1, weakest in 10 yrs 0

    CORPORATE demand for dollars weighed on the Philippine peso on Friday, driving the local currency to close at P50:$1, its weakest in over 10 years.

    The local currency softened by 3 centavos from P49.97:$1 on Thursday. It opened at P49.94 to $1, before trading between P49.90 and P50.00 against US currency and lodged its weakest closing since it couched P50.12:$1 on November 16, 2006.

    “Importers appear to have had a more significant-than-usual demand while the regular sellers were not as active in today’s trading session,” Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) Vice President and lead economist Emilio Neri Jr. said.

    “Demand for USD throughout the week had pressured PHP leaving some traders to cover shorts before the weekend. Philippine specific factors such as recent political developments may have contributed but it is not likely to have been quite significant,” ING Bank Manila senior economist Joey Cuyegkeng, on the other hand, said.

    The central bank noted that besides the prospects of an interest rate hike in the US next month, there was higher demand for dollars from corporates.

    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo said the central bank continue to see negative market sentiment dominating the strong Philippine market fundamentals.

    “We should see market reacting to news that OFW [overseas Filipino workers]remittances remain resilient and growth prospects remain very positive at the back of strong consumption, investment and public expenditures,” he said in a text message to reporters.

    In real terms, the peso remains competitive and the BSP will continue to monitor pressure from a weak exchange rate even as the exchange rate pass through to domestic inflation has gone down in recent years, the BSP official noted.

    “There is no substitute to constant monitoring and surveillance for any possible risks in the horizon,” he said.
    ING’s Cuyegkeng said the peso could stay under pressure although seasonal inflows in March could lend a bit of strength.

    “Retaining the P50 resistance early next week would be important. A convincing break above this may push PHP to the next target of P50.60,” he said.

    “We are reviewing our forecast for end of the first quarter and for the rest of the year. We had expected PHP to trade around P49.70 and within the range of P49.50 to P50 in the first quarter,” he added.

    Cuyegkeng said a faster pace of US Fed tightening and reflation policies of the new US administration to be announced in the next 10 days or so would likely affect forecasts.

    For the year-end, ING expects the local currency to weaken to P51.50 to P51.80 per dollar.

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    It is singkamas season again in Tagudin. You could see singkamas vendors lined up along the highway between Tallaoen and Bimmanga by the cemetery at this time of the year. Singkamas is locally grown in this part of Tagudin. Along with the locals, you could see travelers stopping by to buy singkamas along the highway. The Singkamas or Jicama season in tagudin usually starts from mid February to sometime in March. Singkamas is a good source of dietary fiber and certains vitamins such as vitamin C and B-complex. This edible root is also a good thirst quencher during the warmer months in the Philippines for it contains a lot of water.

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