Running through Sawat Boulevard

Barangay Sawat, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur


There are a lot of places in Tagudin where you can go for a run or walk. For easy short run, I go to Sawat because it is not far from our house in Barangay Quirino. Starting from our house, I go through Jardin then cross the controversial bridge made out of sewer pipes and then to the main road in Sawat I call Sawat Boulevard. The distance from Barangay Sawat entrance to the beach is around 2 miles. The whole stretch is paved but some areas have potholes. Watch out for those holes so you won’t trip. The portion closer to the beach is much better. It’s newly paved and it is well constructed . At the end of the road at the beach, there is a dike where you can do your stretching. The road is generally okay but like in any other neighborhood in Tagudin, just beware of dogs. I usually carry a stick with me just in case I get attacked by a bunch of dogs. One lone dog is actually just as aggressive and mean. Most dogs in Tagudin are not on leash and they roam around the streets. There are two rivers in the area that are not very far from the end of the road. Bugnay river is on the right and the Pacac River on the left. These estuaries where the rivers meet the sea with their lush backgrounds are very beautiful and peaceful.