San Fernando City Baywalk, Poro Point, La Union

San Fernando Baywalk

I went driving around Poro Point and I stumble on this place called Baywalk in San Fernando City. It is in the same area where the Thunderbird Resort and Casinos is located. I think this area has a lot of potential to become a major tourist attraction. Just like the entire Poro Point, they need to develop it more so people would go here in my opinion. My first impression about this place was it felt like it is off limit to the public because of the security guards that you see all over Poro Point and not to mention the check point that you pass through upon entering Poro Point. I hope that they will maintain the place though so people can have a place to spend their recreational time. It is not only the people of San Fernando City who would benefit if this place gets developed and improved but also the people from the other towns near and around San Fernando including the town of Tagudin.