Tikanlu Festival in Tagudin

Tikanlu (Tinubong Kankanen Lubi-lubi) Festival is one of the main events during Tagudin’s town fiesta. The reason why this yearly festival was created was to promote and preserve the tradition of making these native delicacies that are commonly made in this part of the country. It draws big crowd mainly because everyone can partake of the food prepared by the folks in Tagudin for the festival and there is a big involvement of the different communities in Tagudin. Kudos to the folks in Tagudin for creating this event. Keep it going. Perhaps someday it will even get bigger and more famous which would attract tourists to come to Tagudin.

DOT lauds, cites potential of Tagudin’s Tikanlu Festival
Published May 3, 2017, 10:01 PM
By Zaldy Comanda

Article courtesy of The Manila Bulletin

ONE HUGE RICECAKE IN TIKANLU FESTIVAL — Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur Mayor Roque Verzosa Jr. , municipal agriculturist Jocelyn Lamadrid marvel at the giant rice cake made of tinungbo, kangkanen and coconuts, the main attraction of the town’s annual Tikanlu Festival. (Zaldy C. Comanda)

Tagudin, Ilocos Sur — Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo on Tuesday lauded the municipal government headed by Mayor Roque Verzosa for staging the 10th Tikanlu (tinungbo, kangkanen and lubi-lubi), festival, which she said has the potential to be a major Philippine festival and tourist draw.

She likened it to international historical, cultural and religious events which were made feasible with the unity and cooperation of the people from small towns like Tagudin.

“I did not have second thoughts when I received an invitation to grace the Tikanlu festival,” she told Tagudin residents.

“Tikanlu has a big potential to become a major festival. We just need to improve it and I give my commitment to help,” Teo said.

Festival organizers and local folk prepared a giant glutinous rice cake measuring 10 meters in diameter to further spice up festivities.

It was made using 15 50 – kilo sacks of glutinous rice produced by the farmers, 1,500 coconuts and 7.5 sacks of muscovado sugar.

It was simultaneously cooked by 50 persons and is estimated to be good for 10,000 persons.