The Sawat Bridge

The Sawat Bridge After Typhoon Lawin

I posted a nice photo a way back of the this bridge project in Sawat, it was a project with good intention by the administration of Barangay Sawat however after super typhoon Lawin which was probably one of the strongest and most devastating typhoons that hit this part of the country, this is how it looks now. The people around the area became very nervous because the flooding went through areas where it never usually flood. Aside from the flooding, a lot of houses were damaged due to the hurricane-like wind that passed through the area. It uprooted a lot of rooftops. Sawat became like a war zone after the typhoon.

Going back to the bridge project, what went wrong? Obviously, the design of the bridge is not the right design for this kind of terrain. During heavy downpours especially during the typhoon seasons, debris and large volume of water coming from the mountains and everywhere cannot pass through the bridge’s small tunnels and as a result widespread flooding happens in Barangay Sawat and the neighboring barangays . I’ve heard that some people and the officials from the barangays have filed a complaint about how the bridge was built but I hope that they will work together along with the officials of the town to find a win-win solution to the bridge problem instead, and this has to be done as soon as possible because a strong typhoon can pass by our town at any time. We could lose a lot of precious lands if we do not do anything to resolve the problem in the area.