In our last stay (Oct.28 & 29) at Seaside, we are very sorry we did not get to meet you when you visited us in our room. We were still at the “ili” when you dropped by. This is our 2nd stay at your facilities, and let me tell you, there seems to be a continuous changes/improvements for the better at Seaside. The staff are very courteous, caring and very well trained and extremely professional.. I won’t hesitate to recommend to our vacationing Tagudinians and other tourists that they seriously consider staying at your facilities. The rooms are quite comfortable, very clean and Seaside is quite accessible to the national highway. All I can say is that because of the very pleasant experience we had in our 2 previous stays, we will again, for sure, be staying at Seaside at the next go around. And before I forget, the price is quite reasonable (see the published rates) for the services and facility your guests will get.Thank you very much Larry. More power to you.