Sitio Alog Revisited

View at Sitio Alog, Barangay Pallogan, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

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Some photos I took recently at Sitio Alog in Barangay Pallogan in Tagudin. My friends and I came up here to buy basi and to enjoy the view. As always the view up there was awesome. The basi we bought tasted great but it was not fully aged yet. We had a free sample from the sellers (a nice couple who owns a sari-sari store) and mind you it was a big pitcher full of basi that they sampled us with! Many thanks to the folks up there. Their hospitality was amazing. They gave us a nice company that afternoon. I only had a slight buzz after sharing that pitcher of basi with my friends perhaps due to the alcohol content not to the max yet. It was still a little too early to be buying basi at Sitio Alog but they were kind enough to let us buy some of their basi. If we would have waited a few more weeks, the basi would have been perfect. As a word of caution, please be careful when driving up there. The road is narrow and steep and with a lot of curves. Make sure nga makabuelo kayo nga nasiyaat no sumang-at kayo para sigurado nga makadanon kayo idiay ngato.