The Main Road in Barangay Sawat

For those of you who haven’t been home for a long time, I am happy to let you know that the main road in Barangay Sawat in our town is now completely paved. The barangay road starts at the edge of Barangay Jardin and ends up at the beach in Sawat. Around ninety eight percent of the road covers Sawat. Kudos to the barangay officials of Jardin and most especially to the officials of Sawat headed by Joseph Labador for facilitating the project made possible from various funds from the government. Not too long ago, going to Sawat was a dusty ordeal particularly at the beginning of the road at the dry riverbed that borders Sawat and Jardin and at the area near the beach in Sawat. The unpaved portions were very inconvenient for both the residents and the visitors in the area. It is great that Sawat and Jardin worked together and ironed out whatever issues they have regarding that part of the road at the dry riverbed bordering the two barangays.

I’ve noticed that the quality of the newly paved road is much superior than the roads built in the past and it is not only with this project in Sawat but also with the other road projects such as the newly completed project at Abquir in Lacong (Almazan). The roads seem to be wider this time. I guess the government finally realized that it is important to have a good quality road that will last for a long time. Perhaps the contractors, auditors, inspectors, etc. are finally getting their acts together to adhere and to meet standards? Maybe it is mandatory now that projects get inspected by the government? However, I do hope though that for future road projects, they will also consider the importance of having a good drainage which most of our barangay roads do not have. Other than that, good job to all the people including the town’s officials involved with the projects. I hope that you will continue to improve the barangay roads of our town especially the ones that are not paved yet or much in need of a repair.

The Road starting at dry riverbed in Sawat and Jardin

The newly paved portion before the beach

At the end of the road