Driving in PI

Reminder laeng apo. For those balikbayans out there, please be careful when driving or even just walking and crossing the streets in PI. Be aware and alert all the time. Many people die daily due to road accidents in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the Philippines is one of the most dangerous countries to drive in the world. Perhaps, you should just hire a driver since local drivers are more in tuned with the Philippine driving conditions or take the bus when you are there vacationing. I have my share of accidents in PI and I know a lot of people who have died due to road accidents. Awan iti pilpilyen na iti aksidente. It does not discriminate. Nabaknang ka man wenno napanglaw. One of the latest road accident casualties in the Ilocos is the son of Ex-Governor and Congressman Fariñas of Ilocos Norte. Below is the news article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a message posted from the comments by a guy named Wally. I thought it is a nice message that I could share with you here.

Son of Ilocos Norte Representative Fariñas dies in bike crash
11:16 AM November 15th, 2015

The son of Ilocos Norte First District Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas died in a motorcycle crash in Bacarra town in the province early Sunday morning.

According to a Radyo Inquirer report, Rodolfo “JR” Fariñas Jr. died when his motorcycle collided with a concrete barrier in Barangay (village) Buyon.

Authorities said the impact of the collision threw the younger Fariñas off his motorcycle and burned the vehicle.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in Laoag City.

In an Instagram post by Ilocos Norte board member and JR’s sister Ria Fariñas, she said: “REST EASY, MY LOVE. Gone too soon. But the time for you to be with Mommy. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, J.”

The 20-year-old son of the Ilocos Norte representative previously served as a Sanggunian Kabataan president of the province.

JR’s mother is former beauty queen and actress Maria Teresa Carlson who is said to have leapt to her death in 2001. AJH/With a report from Radyo Inquirer


This is just a reminder that we are just temporary residents on earth and we are all mortals.

You may be a politician’s son
You may be the most powerful person in your baranggay, town or neighborhood
You may be the most arrogant, most humble
You may be the richest, the poorest
You may be the most famous, a nobody
You may have all the best cars, best material things on earth
You may have all the security in life
You may be the most religious or the most atheistic of them all
You may be a criminal or a law abiding citizen
You may be the most goodlooking, the ugliest, the most average person
You may be the most intelligent, the dumbest of all
You may have reached the highest position, the most experienced in life

Remember this….
The best thing to do is cherish and love your neighbour.

We are all going to die anyway.

And we are all accountable.