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    The Main Road in Barangay Sawat 

    For those of you who haven’t been home for a long time, I am happy to let you know that the main road in Barangay Sawat in our town is now completely paved. The barangay road starts at the edge of Barangay Jardin and ends up at the beach in Sawat. Around ninety eight percent of the road covers Sawat. Kudos to the barangay officials of Jardin and most especially to the officials of Sawat headed by Joseph Labador for facilitating the project made possible from various funds from the government. Not too long ago, going to Sawat was a dusty ordeal particularly at the beginning of the road at the dry riverbed that borders Sawat and Jardin and at the area near the beach in Sawat. The unpaved portions were very inconvenient for both the residents and the visitors in the area. It is great that Sawat and Jardin worked together and ironed out whatever issues they have regarding that part of the road at the dry riverbed bordering the two barangays.

    I’ve noticed that the quality of the newly paved road is much superior than the roads built in the past and it is not only with this project in Sawat but also with the other road projects such as the newly completed project at Abquir in Lacong (Almazan). The roads seem to be wider this time. I guess the government finally realized that it is important to have a good quality road that will last for a long time. Perhaps the contractors, auditors, inspectors, etc. are finally getting their acts together to adhere and to meet standards? Maybe it is mandatory now that projects get inspected by the government? However, I do hope though that for future road projects, they will also consider the importance of having a good drainage which most of our barangay roads do not have. Other than that, good job to all the people including the town’s officials involved with the projects. I hope that you will continue to improve the barangay roads of our town especially the ones that are not paved yet or much in need of a repair.

    The Road starting at dry riverbed in Sawat and Jardin

    The newly paved portion before the beach

    At the end of the road


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      By the way, when you are driving and you see unhusked rice occupying the road, don’t get intimidated or get angry, you can drive over it cautiously. It is also a good thing for you do some kind of a gesture such as waving your hand or saying something like “Maki dalanak apo, dispensaren yo” to the person watching the rice or “irik” in Ilocano or “palay” in Tagalog. I know the road is supposed to be used for vehicles and pedestrians but be more considerate. Drying rice using the roads and streets is a common practice by the people all over the Philippines particularly in the provinces.

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    Happy Thanksgiving 

    To all our kababayans living in the United States,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Turkey is the star of the show on your Thanksgiving dinner so here is a nice recipe
    on how to roast a turkey for your Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera on November 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. And may you all have the best of the Holidays. God Bless.

      • lv on November 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Happy Thanksgiving to you Manong Romeo and to your family and to all Tagudinians out there.

        • Atty. Romeo J. Somera on November 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Thanks Larry. Here is my holiday gift to kailians and friends all over the world, and to all those who are very kind and with big hearts in helping us accomplish the mission of SASAI. Please continue your good deeds and to those who may want to help, please visit out website: http://www.sasaiinc.org.; http://www.sasaiinc.com. Thank you.

          (My version of “The Time is Now”)

          No innak ayaten, ayaten nak ittan biagko
          Ta addaak pay nga mangnanam ken mangsagrap day ta sam it mo
          Ta uray no naimpusuan ta lailom ken dungngum kaniak
          Diakton marikna no ditoy nga biag inggat pumusayak

          Isu nga ipaay mo kuman dayta regta, dunngo ken baram
          Itta ta adda ak payditoy lubong, di mo kad ipaidam.
          Ta anian to pay ti banag na daguiti sennaay, leddaang ken luluam
          No ni ayat mo idi addaak pay nga biag, inkka impaidam

          Ngarud ittatan inka itden ni ayat, saan ket no addaakton diay tanem.
          No adda pangila-lalaam, pangisakit ken naimbag nga panikenakem
          Bay-bay-am ni tarigagay, ipariknamon ta addaak pay ti rabaw ti daga
          Ta no ur-uray rayem ti panawen nga Biagko, innak ton simmina
          Naladawton, ta agnananayon, addaak ton nga agin-inana

          Saan pay nga naladaw, inka itden ni ayat
          Dimo itulok nga agparbeng, ni ulpit ken lipat
          Ah ta anyan aya nga nakay-ay-ay no diak to marikna
          Dayta bara ni ayat mo ditoy rabaw ti daga

          Isu nga no adda pateg ko kaniam ken kaasi
          Ayat nga uray no bassit, apagdarikmat ngem nasudi
          Panga asim dungngo ta nanamek itan ditoy nga biag
          Nga saan nga into no sireredepakakon nga nabayag.

          Ta anian to pay ti servina no dita denam siminaak ton
          Agarubos man luluam, ti ridep ko ket agnanayon
          Ta ayat mo ngarud inkkan ipalac-am ken iparaburen
          Ta kukupikupak to Biagko, ingannat tungpal tanem

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            Thank you manong Romeo for the wonderful poem. Nalaing ka met gayam nga agdaniw. Nagpintas iti panakay-yablat na ditoy. Hope we get many more of this kind of post from you. This blog and I am sure its followers are very appreciative and thankful for any literary work (writings, poems, etc.) either in Ilocano, English, or Tagalog shared by our kababayans so please do not hesitate to share your works. Thank you apo.

    • Paul L. Villanueva on November 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Here is my holiday gift to kailians and friends, to all Filipinos all over the world:

      In order to be progressive back home Filipinos as a whole should change their attitude. What is happening in the Philippines is also the Filipino’s fault. They are cheaters, mahilig maglagay sa politician or whoever had that little power. They worship politician, they worship the rich and put down the poor, everything you do in the Philippines you need to lagay. No one in politics is decent. all of them are corrupt so if anybody need to be succeed , they need to work hard and be positive .The problem is when you apply a job, you need to be beautiful and white complexion, at most of all dapat you know somebody inside to get the job. In other words (KONG MEDIO MAITIM) will have LESS chance at all. Everybody wanted a white caller jobs. People are ashamed to be garbage collectors or work in any dirty jobs. We need change, no more political dynasty, (MARCOCES, MACAPAGALS, AQUINOS ESTRADAS ECT.) no more selling votes to the highest bidder. Politicians create jobs or bring in businesses or manufacturers and give them incentives. We need JOBS, Jobs and work, work, work. Maybe I might come back to my home Las-ud, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Right now I lived at 2818 West Ainslie St.
      Chicago, IL, United States 60625.

      • lv on November 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I concur with you regarding the political dynasty manong Paul.

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    The National Museum in Manila 

    The National Museum, Manila

    Last month, October of 2015, the National Museum in Manila opened its doors to the public for free for the whole month in observance of “Museums and Galleries Month”. To take advantage of the free admission, I went to the museum and got in line patiently along with the hundreds of young students with their teachers from the different parts of the Metro Manila and possibly even students/teachers from the other parts of the country who were there for a day excursion. It was a nice opportunity for these kids as well as for me to see work of arts from the great and famous artists that the country ever produced and to learn more about our culture. It was good to see that the teachers/mentors were making these students aware of the value of these art works as part of our cultural heritage. The collection of art works in the National Museum is not as grand as the collections at the famous museums in other countries such the Louvre in Paris or the Prado in Madrid but I thought the National Museum has a great collection and it is still expanding. I hope to see more exhibits in the future. The museum is a kaleidoscope of art works (mostly paintings and sculptures) from the different Filipino artists starting at the turn of the century. A lot of the works by these great artists in the museum depict all facets of Filipino life which includes the topic of religion, life during the colonial times, and political events that happened through the decades. I was looking for paintings painted by ex-president Corazon Aquino but I did not see one. I heard she loved to paint and had a few paintings under her belt before she passed on. Perhaps the Aquino Family could donate one or two of her paintings to the museum.

    If you are in Manila and want to enjoy and appreciate art works whether abstract or naturalistic representation of something by Filipino artists such as Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Vicente Manansala, Romeo Tabuena and many others, the National Museum is the place to go. The National Museum is located in Ermita, Manila at P. Burgos Drive at the Old Finance Building. It opens from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM. I believe the admission is 150 pesos. The museum is located around the vicinity of Manila City Hall and Intramuros.

    These are some of the photos taken at the National Museum. To see the rest of the photos in a slideshow, please click the link at the bottom of this post.



          Flash Elorde – a great Filipino boxer


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    Driving in PI 

    Reminder laeng apo. For those balikbayans out there, please be careful when driving or even just walking and crossing the streets in PI. Be aware and alert all the time. Many people die daily due to road accidents in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the Philippines is one of the most dangerous countries to drive in the world. Perhaps, you should just hire a driver since local drivers are more in tuned with the Philippine driving conditions or take the bus when you are there vacationing. I have my share of accidents in PI and I know a lot of people who have died due to road accidents. Awan iti pilpilyen na iti aksidente. It does not discriminate. Nabaknang ka man wenno napanglaw. One of the latest road accident casualties in the Ilocos is the son of Ex-Governor and Congressman Fariñas of Ilocos Norte. Below is the news article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a message posted from the comments by a guy named Wally. I thought it is a nice message that I could share with you here.

    Son of Ilocos Norte Representative Fariñas dies in bike crash
    11:16 AM November 15th, 2015

    The son of Ilocos Norte First District Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas died in a motorcycle crash in Bacarra town in the province early Sunday morning.

    According to a Radyo Inquirer report, Rodolfo “JR” Fariñas Jr. died when his motorcycle collided with a concrete barrier in Barangay (village) Buyon.

    Authorities said the impact of the collision threw the younger Fariñas off his motorcycle and burned the vehicle.

    He was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in Laoag City.

    In an Instagram post by Ilocos Norte board member and JR’s sister Ria Fariñas, she said: “REST EASY, MY LOVE. Gone too soon. But the time for you to be with Mommy. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, J.”

    The 20-year-old son of the Ilocos Norte representative previously served as a Sanggunian Kabataan president of the province.

    JR’s mother is former beauty queen and actress Maria Teresa Carlson who is said to have leapt to her death in 2001. AJH/With a report from Radyo Inquirer


    This is just a reminder that we are just temporary residents on earth and we are all mortals.

    You may be a politician’s son
    You may be the most powerful person in your baranggay, town or neighborhood
    You may be the most arrogant, most humble
    You may be the richest, the poorest
    You may be the most famous, a nobody
    You may have all the best cars, best material things on earth
    You may have all the security in life
    You may be the most religious or the most atheistic of them all
    You may be a criminal or a law abiding citizen
    You may be the most goodlooking, the ugliest, the most average person
    You may be the most intelligent, the dumbest of all
    You may have reached the highest position, the most experienced in life

    Remember this….
    The best thing to do is cherish and love your neighbour.

    We are all going to die anyway.

    And we are all accountable.

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    Tagudinians of Canada 

    Recent November Party for the Tagudinians of Canada , Toronto

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    All Souls Day 2015 Slideshow 

    Photos taken at the Tagudin Cemetery in Bimmanga

    All Souls Day 2015 in Tagudin
    Raul Antonio Decano
    A Great Man
    May You Rest In Peace
    The Pascua Family of Las-ud
    Manong Pepito and Manong Eddie

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