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    Besides Sagada, another town in Mt. Province is also eyeing the establishment of a vegetable trading post in Tagudin 

    Source: The Manila Standard

    Ilocos trading post pressed
    By Dexter A. See | Mar. 22, 2015 at 12:01am

    BAUKO, Mountain Province— Mayor Abraham B. Akilit is eyeing the establishment of a vegetable trading post in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur which will be operated by the municipal government to help decongest the La Trinidad-based vegetable trading facility. The Ilocos post can also open bigger market opportunities for highland vegetables coming from northern Benguet and Mountain Province, he said.

    Akilit said the municipal government intends to purchase a 1-hectare land as trading post side in partnership with the Tagudin.

    He explained the investment of the municipal government for the purchase of the property could be easily recovered primarily through rentals that in turn could finance development projects and enhance the delivery of basic services to the residents.

    He said the completion of the Aluling bridge in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and the near completion of the concreting of the Mountain Province-Ilocos Sur road reduced travel time from the locality to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur to only about two hours from four hours.

    The Tagudin trading post will not be competing with La Trinidad but will be serving as an alternative for farmers coming from northern Benguet and Mountain Province.

    He is optimistic that the municipality’s economic enterprise project could be realized the soonest in order to allow the local government to internally generated funds which could be plowed back to their constituents through the implementation of various development projects and improve the delivery of basic services in the future

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    Elsie Lorenzana Bunoan-Quides of Barangay Quirino, Tagudin and Long Beach, CA – RIP 

    Elsie Bunoan died May 18 in Long Beach, California. She is survived by her husband and their five children, her mother Loring Lorenzana Bunoan who was married to the former postmaster of Tagudin, the late Cresencio Bunoan, her four siblings namely Atty. Rain Bunoan-Somera, Rene, Elvi who is the current barangay chairman of Brgy. Quirino and Ian Bunoan of Long Beach. Elsie belonged to St. Augustine’s School Batch of 1986.
    May she rest in peace.

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      Our deepest condolences to the Bunoan Family. May she rest in peace.

    • The Family of the Late Nelly and Selmo Valdez - Vangie, Landa, Larry, Jr., Josie on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      We are very saddened by the passing away of our friend, relative and neighbor in Tagudin, Elsie. Our deepest sympathies to the Bunoan-Quides Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. We are very grateful and thankful that we got to see you a few years ago when you, Ian and his wife, and auntie Loring drove all the way from So. California just to visit our late mother here in No. California. We will always remember you. May you rest in peace Elsie. From your manongs and manangs in No. Cal.

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    The Sisterhood Relationship of the Town of Tagudin and Sagada 

    An article courtesy of InterAksyon.com regarding the towns of Tagudin and Sagada

    Aluling Bridge strengthens sisterhood ties between Sagada, Tagudin
    By: Arthur L. Allad-iw, Northern Dispatch (special to InterAksyon.com)
    May 16, 2015 2:27 PM
    The online news portal of TV5

    Aluling Bridge in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur
    Photographed by Arthur Allad-iw

    BAGUIO CITY – Continuing what their ancestors had started in highland-lowland trade relations prior to colonization, where the highlanders traded their forest products for commodities like salt and woven products of lowland Ilocos, the local governments of Sagada in Mountain Province and Tagudin, a coastal town in Ilocos Sur, strengthened their sisterhood ties with focus on trade and tourism relations.

    The two towns recently reaffirmed their continuing past relationships with concrete bilateral trade programs aimed at bringing added mutual benefits.

    Local cool-climate vegetable produce from Sagada will now regularly find their way to the Tagudin market, while the latter’s products, including fish and seafood, will become fixtures at the market in Sagada.

    In the nippy areas of upland Mountain Province, Sagada farmers produce vegetable crops and fruits, like cabbage, potato, beans and American-sized tomatoes, and citrus, apples, peaches and other fruits.

    Tagudin, on the coastal zone of Ilocos Sur, harvests bangus (milk fish) and other marine food to compliment their fishermen’s catch on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and, likewise, lowland rice and vegetables, notable for their local dishes, like pinakbet.

    Sagada has an estimated population of 11,244 while Tagudin has 38,122.

    Recently, 37 delegates from Sagada, led by its Mayor Eduardo Latawan Jr., attended the Tagudin town fiesta last week.

    “We have strengthened the sisterhood, where heightened trade will be among its realistic outcomes,” Latawan explained.

    He added that a “bagsakan center” or trading post was established at Bitalag, Tagudin, where the produce from Sagada will be delivered and then retailed to consumers there.

    He also said that the arrangement will be set up for Tagudin products in Sagada.

    Latawan disclosed that the sisterhood relationship was firmed up with Tagudin Mayor, Atty. Jose V. Bonuan in January this year.

    Shorter route via Aluling Bridge
    InterAksyon.com learned that the opening of Aluling Bridge in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur now makes it possible to make the trip from Tagudin to Sagada in just three-to-four hours.

    “The quicker route would help preserve the freshness of the products from both sides and shortens the time to destination,” explained Robert Pangod, tourism officer of Sagada.

    Lowland products, like bangus, used to be bought up by traders from Baguio City, which entailed a trip of more than six hours by bus just to reach Sagada.

    There is also the possibility that Rep. Eric Singson would donate a refrigerated van for transporting Tagudin fresh products to Sagada.

    Promotes tourism
    The bilateral tourism potential between the two towns will also get a big boost with the newly opened, easier route.

    Tagudin has attractive spots, including the nearby coastal areas, while Sagada is proud of its natural stalactite caves and hiking attractions, complimented by the indigenous upland culture.

    Along the way, the historic Tirad Pass can be clearly viewed, while a visit to Bessang Pass (marking the victory in 1945 of Filipino soldiers serving the U.S. Army Forces over Imperial Japanese Army forces) serves to heighten compliment the visitors’ sense of patriotism, Pangod said referring to these places in the Ilocos Sur area.

    In Tadian, Mountain Province, a neighboring town of Cervantes in Ilocos Sur, a visitor can view Mount Mogao, also dubbed irreverently as Mount Clitoris due to its sharp peak, and rolling hills and rice fields.

    Pangod admitted that the opening of Aluling Bridge at Cervantes expands opportunities for more visitors from Ilocos Sur, like Tagudin and Vigan, to visit Mountain Province.

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      Thumbs up! Thank you Sagada for being our sister town and kudos to the present administrations of Tagudin and Sagada for strengthening the ties between our towns.

    • Taga Tagudin on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Napintas a damag apo daytoy pannaka-biag ken pannaka-mintinar daytoy nga relasyon daytoy ili tayo ken iti ili nga Sagada. Namnamaen mi apo nga matuloy ken mabiag ton daytoy kunkunada nga bagsakan dita Bitalag ta adu iti maytulong na kadatayo nga taga Tagudin ken kasta met ken dagiti taga Sagada no matultuloy daytoy napintas nga plano. Dumakdakkel iti pastrek dagitoy dua nga ili tayo ken umado met iti pag sapulan iti tao. Sisusupurta ken agyaman kami apo. Dios iti agngina.

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    The Baywalk in Malate, Manila 

    Just some photos I took recently while walking around Manila’s waterfront called Baywalk along Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard. Baywalk is currently being renovated to spruce up this area in Manila for the upcoming APEC meeting that will be held in Metro Manila sometime in November this year. The new landscaping looks good but I hope that they would add permanent security guards that would man the entire stretch of Baywalk from the US Embassy to the Philippine Navy Headquarters Building on a 24/7 basis so the place would be protected and more secured for people who want to venture to this place. This project would be just a waste of money and effort by the government if they won’t do anything about the many vagrants hanging out in the area. Just like with any other citizens, homeless people also have the right to go and enjoy the place but the problem is they are abusing it. They have taken over the place. The place is an ugly sight in the evening. It is not as bad during the day however for a lot of these people seem to disappear in the area. It is a shame because Baywalk can be a good place for tourists or for anyone who wants to go for a stroll there. It is one area in Manila where you can go and enjoy the cool breeze coming from the bay especially during the warm months and not to mention that it is here at Baywalk where one can have a great view of the world famous Manila Bay Sunset. Tourists are apprehensive to go to this place in the evening because of what they see. People sleep here and they use the rocky area along the bay as their bathrooms. In the evening starting at 9 PM or so, you would have a hard time finding a place to sit for a lot of the spaces are all being taken by people who sleep here on a nightly basis. The vendors occupy a lot of spaces as well. In addition to the homeless people, there are also a lot of kids who are high on Rugby roaming around the entire Baywalk almost all evening. This place is constantly being vandalized and being damaged by these people. I am not sure why the City of Manila and the DSWD (Dept. of Social Welfare and Development) people are allowing these things to happen in the area. By the way, be careful with these kids for they could be dangerous. They usually go in groups. During the time of Mayor Lito Atienza, this place was jamming and was generally clean, orderly, and the homeless people were less visible. There were restaurants and places where you can listen to live bands and so on. Unfortunately, Mayor Alfredo Lim got rid of almost everything that Mayor Atienza did for this part of Manila. Actually, the practice of discrediting accomplishments of past administrations by incumbent administrations happens not only in Manila but also in many places all over the country including in the national government. Instead of improving the projects done by their predecessors, current leaders and officials would rather get rid of the projects and we all know why – mainly because of self-interest. If there is no good reason for getting rid of these projects, I think this is a bad practice and it should be disallowed. It is a waste of public money since most of these projects are being funded by the hard-earned money of tax payers. Hopefully, things will get better for good at Baywalk with this latest rehabilitation.

    Baywalk’s Slideshow
    The Famous Manila Bay Sunset
    Baywalk Under Renovation
    Baywalk Under Renovation
    Coconut Trees In Baywalk
    The Famous Former Manila Mayor, Arsenio Lacson
    Rajah Sulayman Plaza In Malate
    The Dancing Fountain At Rajah Sulayman Plaza
    Rajah Sulayman
    The Malate Church

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    Vigan declared as one of the New Seven Wonder Cities of the World 

    The people of Vigan are still riding high from the win from the New Seven Wonder Cities Of The World Contest that was held last year. The New7Wonders Foundation was just in Vigan to formally proclaim the city as one of the seven cities that won the contest. At the celebration in Vigan, the people were ecstatic for having their city proclaimed as one of the winners of the said contest. Bigueños are excited that the win would hopefully bring a lot of good things to the city and people of Vigan as well as to the region and to the entire country.
    Viva Vigan!

    Here’s an article courtesy of The Manila Times regarding Vigan’s proclamation/inauguration.

    Pride, music, colors mark Vigan’s feat

    May 9, 2015 11:11 pm

    by RON LOPEZ

    Vigan City Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina

    VIGAN CITY: Colors, music, and pride dominated the streets of this historic city as it marks its formal declaration as one of the world’s New7Wonders Cities.

    Vigan, which was officially proclaimed on Thursday as among the New7Wonders Cities, started its celebration with a show of gratitude through a thanksgiving mass at the Conversion of St. Paul Cathedral. It was followed by the blessing of the NSCC Vigan Hotel and Central Office.

    On Wednesday, 118 decorated “kalesas” or horse drawn carriages paraded the streets of Vigan to show the artistry and ingenuity of Bigueños which also reflect their culture and tradition.

    The kalesas were bedecked with different materials from agricultural products such as corn, mango, rice, and coconut, to crafts like hats, abaniko fans, and other rattan products. It is a manifestation that Vigan, with 2,886 hectares of land area, is still an agricultural city with 45 percent of its land being tilted.

    But the kalesa that stood out among others is the one decorated with miniature historical edifices like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, a major religious landmark built in late 1790s. It also has paintings attached at the back.

    Efren Sotelo, who created the winning kalesa, said he has been joining the annual competition since 2005 and it is his fifth to win the title. He received P20,000 as the grand prize winner, while the second and third placers received P15, 000 and P10, 000, respectively.

    “We wanted to show to the people what are the structures that make Vigan historic, so we created a miniature ver- sion of Spanish-period ancestral houses,” Sotelo told The Manila Times.

    The world-famous Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra made Wednesday night a musical affair with the ensemble playing their finest pieces to celebrate the success of the city.

    Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra plays music in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vigan City during the city’s formal inauguration as one of the world’s New7Wonders Cities.

    The dancing fountain at Plaza Salcedo swayed as the orchestra played in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

    “It was a feast in the eyes and ears,” said Concepcion Santiago, a spectator from the neighboring municipality of Santa in Ilocos Sur.

    The local government staged several exhibits showcasing the artworks of Vigan native David Pichay at the VCTC and the portrait paintings of The Castillo Brothers at Museum San Pablo. There is also a set-up of Abel House Décor which is known for its unique tradition of Abel Iloko weaving.

    Bringing Back Pride
    During the inauguration, New7Wonders Foundation formally proclaimed Vigan as one of its wonder cities. Bernard Weber, its president and founder, took the lead in the inauguration attended by local officials, residents, and tourists.

    Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina, who received the specially-commissioned bronze commemorative plaque from Weber, said with all the awards the historic city received in the past years, it all aimed to bring back the pride of Bigueños to their homeland.

    Medina, in an interview with journalists, said there was a time in Vigan when its residents left their homes and businessmen pull out their investments due to political rivalry of its former leaders that caused the deterioration of several ancestral houses and resulted in low investments.

    “We worked so hard to take out the stigma of being a warlord [province],” Medina said. “Pride on their own city: that’s the very first thing that we redeemed for the people.”

    She said that while they may lack some natural resources that could persuade tourists to visit their places, the conservation of their culture is their best asset.

    “We don’t have the beautiful beaches of Boracay. We don’t have the rolling terrains of the Mountain Province but we have a rich culture. That’s where we invest,” the local chief executive said.

    She said that the award, which has helped improve the city’s tourism industry since its initial proclamation in December 2014, was a result of the collective effort of the past and present government, its people, and civil society groups.

    She noted that it was the city’s founding fathers who first made efforts to conserve its heritage, and it is now their duty to preserve it.

    It is the reason why during the inaugural ceremony, Medina handed over the plaque to seven children whom she said represent the future generation “who will reap the positive effects” of the New7Wonders Cities proclamation.

    To further support the conservation, the local government had also inaugurated on Thursday the Vigan Conservation Complex located at San Julian Sur. Medina said aside from letting people know the rich history and heritage of Vigan, the conservation complex also sell parts of ancestral houses for lower prices which homeowners could avail in order preserve the structures of their homes.

    “Our tool for development is our conservation of heritage. That’s where we invest,” she added.

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    Larry, I would just like to let you know that I stayed at Seaside Park for two (2) nights while attending our town’s fiesta. It was a very comfortable stay, the staff are courteous, and very professional and the price was quite reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the place for temporary lodging. Thank you.

    • lv on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you manong for that nice compliment. Sorry that I was not there to see you but hope to see you there if ever you go visit again next time. The staffs were also very happy to serve you.

    • lv on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Nagpaparti ka koma ti kalding idiay attorney ta nalaing nga pumarti ken agluto ta maysa a trabahador dita Seaside.

    • Atty. Romeo J. Somera, Esq, CPA. on May 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      No ammok coma a ket nagsayaaten. Adda coma bassit nga pinagrarambacan. Ti nagkidaran na ket, nakipulutan cam la diay ili diay ayan da Noel/Louela nga kaanak. Nag pa uraga da ti por kilo nga calding ket nakaraman met datao ti bassit. Well, there will be some other times I am sure. And I’ll keep that in mind.

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    Happy Mother’s Day Everyone 

  • lv on May 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply  


    Happy Fiesta to everyone in Tagudin.
    Enjoy the festivities.
    Have a great one.

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