Suyo, Ilocos Sur (photos related to the Amburayan River post below)

I just visited a friend who just had a major stroke in Man-Atong, Suyo and on our way to their place I took some photos. On our way back to Tagudin, I’ve learned that they were also having the last night of their town fiesta which used to be celebrated during the month of February but changed to April this year so we stopped by at the town proper to check out the festivities and took some more photos. I had a nice conversation with the folks up there and the topic about the source of one of the rivers in Ambalayat came up in our conversations. These folks are very knowledgeable about the rivers that flow through their town and they said that the source of that river in Ambalayat is NOT from the Chico River. It is from the different rivers, tributaries, creeks and springs in the area which includes Bessang. You are right Lakay T.Amianan. Thank you for your correction. So there you go folks. I guess it is safe to say that one of the rivers in Ambalayat should not be called Chico River or a Tributary of Chico River unless it has the same name as the Chico River that flows down to Mt. Province, Kalinga and Cagayan with its source is somewhere in Mt. Data in the town of Bauko.