Ilocos Sur Bus Lines

There are few bus lines plying the Ilocos – Manila route and two of them are these two bus lines from Ilocos Sur. They are cheaper than the other major bus lines and just as comfortable. As of this writing the fare from Tagudin to Manila is P350 for Candon Bus Line and P360 for Santa Lucia. The other bus lines charges around P500. The only drawback is these bus lines do not have a lot of buses unlike the other bus lines where they have buses passing through Tagudin at least one every hour. You have to wait a little longer at the highway for these two bus lines. However, their stations in Manila are very convenient. They are right in the center of Manila close to all the major bus, jeepney and train lines. Their stations are actually right across each other in the Doroteo Jose area in the Quiapo District by Doroteo Jose LRT Station along Avenida and Recto.

Oftentimes, taking the bus especially for long distance trips in the Philippines is a lot more convenient than driving. Most of the buses are air conditioned and you get to watch movies inside the bus!

Candon Bus Line

Santa Lucia Bus Line