A Panoramic View of the Town of Tagudin, in Bakun, Benquet?

Did you know that there is a panoramic view of Tagudin in the province of Benquet? You can easily view an awesome view of Tagudin in the town itself through Sitio Alog in Barangay Pallogan but according to various sources in the Internet, a panoramic view of the town of Tagudin can also be seen at Mt. Lubo in Bakun, Benquet. It might not be as clear as the view you would see in Sitio Alog particularly on a foggy or a rainy day day but it could be interesting to see a panoramic view of our town from a higher elevation especially from the Philippines’ beautiful Cordillera Mountain Ranges. If you are brave and adventurous and into mountaineering, hiking or spelunking (caving), going to Bakun could be a worthwhile experience because the town offers places where you can enjoy this kind of activities. The good thing if you live in Tagudin or if you are just someone visiting Tagudin and would want to go and explore more of the surrounding areas, Bakun could be accessed from the town of Tagudin through the Tagudin-Suyo-Cervantes-Mankayan Road, and my guess is there are alternate routes that one can take to go up there. These other routes could be short-cut roads but more likely these roads are unpaved and a little bit more challenging to navigate however. Consult with someone who is familiar with the area before starting any trip to be on the safe side. I am sure a lot of the locals would know regarding the road conditions and the other possible routes. The Internet could also be a good place to gather information about the area. Even though the distance between Bakun and Tagudin appears close on the map, be aware that it would take few hours before one can get to Bakun from Tagudin because of the zigzagging roads. Bakun is actually at the top of the town of Alilem which is close to Tagudin, and few of the tributeries of the Amburayan River that flow through Tagudin originate at the mountain ranges of Bakun.

Here is an article and some info regarding Bakun, Benquet.

Bakun opens tourists’ cave

By Dexter A. See | Oct. 18, 2014 at 12:01am

BAKUN, Benguet—An unexplored cave in this part of the Cordillera mountain ranges where Japanese soldiers hid during World War II will open to the public today as the newest attraction for spelunking adventurers and nature lovers, a municipal tourism officer said.

Arthur Tolito, municipal tourism officer, said the Nagasa cave with its stalactite and stalagmite formations has been a home for bats and swallows but supervised trips and explorations.

”Japanese soldiers sought refuge in the area during World War II. The area is remote,” Tolito said.

The cave, which is located deep into Mount Lubo, can be reached after three hours of walking but a short-cut can cut the trek by half. Mt. Lubo, a mossy forest, offers a panoramic view of Bakun, Buguias, Mankayan, Mt. Province and Tagudin, Ilocos Sur.

Spelunking or cave exploration is usually done for fun and recreation but it has cultural and scientific value because it lead to discovery of unknown animals. For safety reasons the activity is done in groups and, usually, in caves that have been already mapped.

Tolito said Kankana-ey tribal elders will be performing the traditional canao, an indigenous ritual for good luck, and black pigs will be butchered and offered to the gods , before the caves will be opened to the public.

He said about 200 tourist guides were trained to accompany cave explorers and the government has built railings at the cave entrance and other devices inside the cave for use of spelunkers.

Bakun Councilor Marshal Tamid-ay, chairman of the committee on environment , said spelunkers will be properly briefed to prevent littering and destruction of rock formations and nest of swallows.

“We want to ensure that environmental protection and conservation will not be compromised,” Tamid-ay said.

Nagasa was the second cave in the area to be opened to the public. Bakun also hosts the Kabunian Caves, a popular site for spelunking and rappelling activities.

There are about a dozen caves in the different parts of the region frequented by spelunkers. The most popular are the Sumaging and Lumyang caves in Sagada, Mountain Province; the Ambungdulan and Paterno caves in Tublay, Benguet; and several others in Lagawe, Ifugao, Abra, Kalinga and Apayao.

Source: The Manila Standard

A Map Showing Bakun Benquet and Surrounding Areas
Map by Google

Hiking in Bakun, Benquet
Mt. Lubo, Mt. Tenglawan, and Mt. Kabunian
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